Sea base 2024

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, June 13-18, 2024

Sea Base is a unique Scouting program that offers aquatics programs found nowhere else. Whether your interests lie in sailing, scuba diving, rustic camping on an undeveloped barrier island, fishing, or a combination of all.

St. Thomas Sailing Adventure

Troop 7365 will be taking a 12-passenger crew on the St. Thomas Sailing Adventure.

Experience the allure of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here, the trade winds blow, offering some of the best sailing in the world. Upon arrival, your crew will board a 40-foot-plus vessel with an experienced captain. Most units attain the 50 Miler Award as they circumnavigate the crystal blue waters surrounding the island of St. John. In addition to sailing, your unit will snorkel pristine coral reefs, hike in Virgin Islands National Park, swim ashore to incredible beaches, and more!